Nuke Proof Free Wheel Hub

  • 170 gram
  • new
  • 135mm length

 The core is made of a carbon fiber wrapped aluminum tube generating a 22.5mm outer diameter like the Carbon front. The flanges are machined in the same fashion to accommodate exactly the same bearings that have been used on both previous hubs. The non-drive side flange of this rear hub is the same used for both of the Carbon front flanges. The drive side flange is somewhat larger in diameter and has the needed freewheel threads. After the first bearing is pressed into the flange, an aluminum tube is set inside the core having a 9.52mm inner diameter, then the second bearing is pressed the other side, closing the core. The axle is made of stainless steel. It has a 9.5mm outer diameter and a 5.6mm inner diameter. The outer surface is precision ground to make its perfectly smooth and round. The axle slides into the core through one bearing, then the through the aluminum tube and exits through the far bearing. The axle comes in 135mm length for 7 or 8 speed use. Aluminum spacing collars are used establish the amount of axle exposed on each side. Machined of aluminum, they are held in place by a tiny, recessed, 1mm hex head, set screw. The Carbon Freewheel hub has a 38mm hub flange diameter on the non-drive side, and a 53mm diameter on the drive side. The flanges are spaced 65mm apart. The Carbon Freewheel spoke holes have a 32mm center circle diameter on the non-drive side and 46mm on the drive side. The Nuke Carbon Freewheel rear has i32 spoke hole drilling.

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