Nuke Proof Carbon Front Hub

  • 32 Spoke
  • New

The Nuke carbon front is made using a thinwall 6061 T-6 aluminum tube as the core of the center of it's three-piece design. Over the aluminum tube a braided carbon composite is wrapped, that's covered with epoxy resin, and then air cured to hardness. The epoxy nature of the resin is Ultra-Violet ray protected so there is no breakdown of the materials to sun exposure. The carbon fiber core permits a small degree of flex which translates into a smoother ride, though it's extremely strong. The hub flanges are machined from billet aluminum that is turned on a lathe to provide it's shape. The flange is then bored from both ends to permit the core to slide from the inner side and the sealed bearing cartridge from the outer side. The final step in the flange is drilling of the desired hole pattern. The flange pieces are pressed onto the center tube, with the precision sealed bearing cartridges (NMB RI-14386, Singapore) pressed into each flange piece from the outside. The axle passes clear through the entire bearing, flange, and core assembly. At each end of the axle, is a machined aluminum collar that slides to the bearing and is cinched down by a tiny recessed hex head set screw. These locking collars correctly space the hub, and partially hold the entire assembly rigidly together, though the axle fits tightly through the bearings. The hollow axle has a 9.5mm outer diameter except at the last 5mm of each end where it narrows to the standard 9mm O.D. The Carbon front hub has a 38mm hub flange diameter, with flanges spaced 73mm apart. The Carbon front spoke holes have a 33mm center circle diameter. The Nuke Proof Carbon front has 32 spoke hole drilling.

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