Carbon Gravelbike Silex 7000

Carbon gravel bike Silex 7000

The Merida Silex 7000 from 2023 is a top-class gravel bike with a complete GRX-810 groupset and Fulcrum wheels. Designed to easily chew through field, forest and gravel trails, it loves to be loaded up for your next bikepacking trip!
The Silex 7000 is an all-road bike that takes versatility to the next level. Thanks to the numerous attachment points, the Silex 7000 can be transformed into an extremely capable bikepacking bike, while the comfortable and reliable geometry is the perfect basis for long hours in the saddle. The Shimano GRX 810 groupset ensures smooth and reliable shifting, even in the most demanding situations, and the powerful disc brakes offer control at all times!

The award-winning Silex is Merida's most comfortable and versatile road bike and appeals to the more adventurous among cycling enthusiasts. Its modern, MTB-inspired geometry with a long head and top tube as well as a short stem guarantees agile, confident handling.

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