We are your reliable partner for repairing your bike. Our experienced team repairs both conventional bicycles and e-bikes with motors from Bosch, Shimano and Mahle.


service centers

As a Shimano Service Center partner, we offer you professional and quick repairs. This is done depending on your needs and we therefore do not offer standard prices. Depending on what needs to be repaired, you will either receive a written estimate or we will call you if the cost exceeds a certain amount. Our billing is done every minute at a price of €1.30 per minute. Spare parts and other materials must be paid for separately.

We attach great importance to quality and reliability and work with the latest technologies and tools to repair your bike quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on offering you a first class service at a fair price. Come by and let us get your bike in perfect condition.

cleaning service

We also offer a cleaning service: your bike will be thoroughly cleaned and polished: our experienced team will disassemble the bike into its individual parts, clean them and re-grease them to ensure that it runs smoothly again and lasts a long time.

All settings are adjusted to the customer's wishes and, if necessary, spare parts are renewed if necessary. So you can be sure that your bike is optimally adjusted and maintained.

If you are interested in our cleaning service, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to take care of your bike and get it in pristine condition.